Oil Distillation Plant

Oil Distillation Plant

With the rapidly development of world economy, oil resource is becoming more and more important in our life. Thus, looking for a new energy way has been on the agenda in many countries. China Beston Group uses green distillation technology, which can better solve the oil resources decreasing problem while disposing of waste. The advanced technology has been applied in the oil distillation plant, which has become popular in many countries and has obtained remarkable economic efficiency and social efficiency. It is a perfect supporting equipment for pyrolysis plants.

Oil Distillation Plant
Oil Distillation Plant in Ukraine

Suitable raw materials for pyrolysis oil distillation plant:

1. Plastic/tyre pyrolysis oil;

2. Crude oil;

3. Fuel oil;

4. Used engine oil;

5. Waste motor oil;

6. Waste washing oil…

tyre oil to diesel
Waste oil to diesel

Working principle of waste oil recycling plant:

The complete pyrolysis oil distillation process has four steps: firstly, the raw material enters the raw material precipitation tank through the oil pipe; then adds the degumming catalyst; after finishing this step, we can inject air into the precipitation tank for about 30 minutes through the air compressor; by this step, the degumming pyrolysis will be fully mixed with raw material. Next let the liquid subside for 3 hours.

Secondly, after 3 hours, the sediment of the raw material precipitation tank will be discharged, and then the crude oil, which has finished the precipitation, will be pulled into distillation tower through the oil pipe.

Thirdly, start to distill the oil with high temperature, and use fuel oil to heat distillation reactor; at this time, the raw material will be heated circularly between the oil heating furnace and distillation reactor; when it reaches the related temperature, the oil gas of each reactor will enter the heat exchange system and condenser system in order through the distillation tower. The final products including gasoline and diesel will be stored into oil tank respectively.

After processed by the waste oil to diesel plant, the various kinds of waste oil can be turned into diesel or gasoline, which makes the pyrolysis oil price higher in the market and have wider applications. It is the best choice for the pyrolysis oil buyers to further process the oil.

Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant
Pyrolysis Oil Distillation Plant

Advantages of oil distillation machine from Beston Machinery:

1. The machine has adopted the rapid heating system, which can realize the continuous high-efficiency heating can save fuel oil and running cost;

2. The vertical reactor is also a unique character of our waste oil distillation machine, which is convenient to integrate the operate, discharge, clean into a whole. By this method, it can largely save the land cost to create more economic benefits and it is also very environmental protection;

3. When the plant is running, it can provide good workshop environment with small power and low noise.The whole installment of the plant works under the better environment with no smoke and no dust;

4. The distillation plant for sale has introduced the special insulation material, which can save fuel oil, and is safer and more efficient.

oil distillation machine
Oil distillation machine for sale

5. The pyrolysis oil distillation equipment has also introduced the advanced production technology, so that it has high oil yield, with high-quality oil and stable market.

6. Besides, the waste gas recycling system is more benefit for environmental protection and economy. The waste oil distillation equipment is the real green product that is in favor of humans and countries.

Model BZJ-06 BZJ-10
Capacity 6T/D 10T/D
Oil Yield 5.1T/D 8.5T/D
Working Method Batch
Raw Materials Crude oil, waste oil, fuel oil, used engine oil
Heating Materials Oil, LPG, natural gas, wood, coal, etc.
Power 20KW 36KW
Structural Form Vertical
Cooling Method Water cooling
Operating Pressure Normal and Vacuum
Service Life 5-8 years

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