How you can clean the emission to meet environmental standard?

3 layers of dedusting system-alkali liquor wasing+ceramic filtering+alkali liquor sprayers. Extra gas from reactor will be recycled into furnace for heating, it will be cleaned by specific device before to be burned of cause. Ash and odor are also well prevented as the pyrolysis system is totally sealed, sepcially for continuous running plants.

Can tire and plastic be mixed to be processed?

Generally, we don’t recommend you to mix them. Tire and plastic need different temperature and time to be processed. If you put them together, much fuel will be wasted. Besides, the quality and rate of final oil will also change.

What’s the difference between continuous pyrolysis plant and intermittent pyrolysis plant?

In order to satisfy various different customers’ requirement, we have manufactured the pyrolysis equipment into three types: batch, semi-continuous, fully continuous. They are different in the following aspects: 1. For the continuous type, the feeding of raw materials and discharging of slag are both automatic. While for the intermittent type, these two processes are manual. … Read more…