Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant

How to deal with medical waste in a green and profitable method?

As world’s economic development, medical industry has made great progress. Medical waste contains a variety of infectious pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, actinomycetes, mycoplasma and so on. Therefore, If we can not distinguish the type of medical waste and improper disposal methods, it will become a source of infection and bring great harm to the cities, communities and rural areas. So Beston company has produced a large number of medical waste treatment equipment to deal with medical waste.

Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant
Medical Waste Pyrolysis Plant

Under the conditions of high temperature and special catalyst, medical waste treatment equipment is capable of converting medical waste into fuel oil, carbon black. The fuel oil from medical waste treatment equipment can be used as industrial fuel materials for burning. If further refined to diesel or gasoline, the oil can be used in low speed engines such as digging machine, road roller or loading machine, etc. It can help in relieving energy crisis. The carbon black can be reprocessed into high quality carbon by the carbon black grinding equipment. And it also can be made carbon brick by briquetting equipment or can be sold directly.

The following is a brief description of medical waste pyrolysis process:

a. Use auto-feeder to feed the medical waste into reactor automatically. Then make sure the door of feeding machine is closed.

b. Heat the reactor by burning the fuel material (coal, wood, natural gas, LPG or fuel oil in the combustion system). The reactor will be heated slowly, when the temperature reaches around 100 ℃, the oil gas will be formed.

c. The oil gas will go to the cooling system to be liquefied and drop down into the heavy oil tank. The lighter gas will rise up to the oil condensers, be liquefied in to oil and stored in the oil tank. The incondensable gas though desulphurization and de-dust by hydroseal will be led to the furnace instead of the fuel material to burn the reactor, which is environmental friendly and can save much energy.

d. After finishing oil collecting, the temperature of reactor will be down, and the carbon black can be discharged automatically at the same time.

Advantages of Beston medical waste pyrolysis plant

1.A robotically-operated feeding system that helps reduce extra need for manual operations and improve the plant’s productivity

2.Effective processing systems for releasing exhaust gas and waste water, which ensures all the used gas and waste water are emitted in a suitable way.

3.It’s combined with advanced technologies at home and abroad.

After-sales Service

1. Design the installation drawings according to your site.

2. 1 year warranty, engineers available to service at any time.

3. Periodical call visit, to make sure there is no problems of the equipment.

4. Design specific maintenance program according to different situation of your plant.

5. For each set of machine, one technician will be sent to guide your installation, test the machine and train your workers. Besides, we will provide one month’s service for free.