Crude Oil Distillation Equipment

The Basic Principles and Characteristics of Crude Oil Distillation Equipment

The light oil products contained in the crude oil are limited. The crude oil of main oilfields in the world contains typically 20%-30% gasoline, kerosene, diesel and other light oil products. In order to refine more distillate oil as raw material for secondary processing, we often utilize the crude oil distillation plant.

Heat the liquid mixture and make it vaporized, and then cool and condense the steam, to allow the original liquid mixture separated to a certain degree. The whole process is called distillation, which is based on the different boiling points (volatility) of components in the mixture.

Crude Oil Distillation Equipment
Crude Oil Distillation Equipment

Distillation has many forms, which include flash distillation (balance vaporized or once vaporized), simple distillation (gradually vaporized) and fine distillation. Simple distillation is usually used in laboratory or small device; while flash distillation and fine distillation are usually used in industrial.

Fine distillation is an efficient method to separate liquid mixture, which is developed on the basis of repeatedly vaporization and condensation. Most of the crude oil distillation towers in the refineries are operated by rectification of distillation.

Characteristics of crude oil refinery plant

1. The raw materials and products in the atmospheric tower are composed of complex mixture.

2. Atmospheric tower is a composite tower structure.

3. The lower part of the atmospheric tower sets stripping section, and siding product designs stripper.

4. The atmospheric tower sets middle circulation return.