3 Features to Look for When Comparing Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine Price

You want to start an egg tray-making business. There is already a warehouse available where you can set up your machine. But which machine should you invest in? You see that there are three types of machines available: manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. It’s wise to go for the fully automatic machine if you have enough money. This allows you to save on a separate drying line. Otherwise, most semi automatic egg tray making machine has a natural drying line that doesn’t provide high-quality egg trays.

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Now that you know what type of machine to buy, you need to compare the machines based on their features. Of course, every manufacturer claims that their machines are the best. But you need to do your research before investing. Apart from the machine’s shape, size, and output, you also need to pay attention to a few more features that help compare the egg tray manufacturing machines. These are the same factors that determine the prices. Therefore, compare wisely.

Machine’s Longevity

If you invest thousands of bucks on an egg tray manufacturing machine, you would expect it to last for years. Fortunately, most egg tray-making machines come with a long life. They usually last for at least twenty years. You can compare the machines based on the manufacturer’s warranty. The ones that promise a long warranty may cost more. But it’s best to invest in them.

The manufacturer will take care of the repair, and you won’t have to pay anything for it. One of the reasons why the machines have long warranties is they don’t go through many technical changes. As a result, the mechanism remains the same for years.

Drying Line

The drying line can determine the machine’s average output. It also allows you to compare the prices of different machines. For example, a machine with a natural drying line won’t cost as much as a metal drying line system. On the other hand, a brick drying line system is better than natural drying but falls short of a metal drying line.

Focus on your average demand before investing in the machine. Do you have enough customers that can meet the cost of a machine with a metal drying line? If you do, don’t hesitate before buying a fully automatic machine. This type of machine provides maximum output. You don’t need to think about drying the egg trays or packing them. Beston provides machines with affordable price: https://pulpmouldingmachines.com/price/.

If you don’t have enough money, you can buy a machine with a brick drying line system. Although it costs more than a machine with a natural drying facility, it saves time drying the trays and reduces wastage.

Average Capacity

What is the average output of the shortlisted machines? Naturally, the one that makes the most trays in an hour wins. Simple. But make sure you compare the same types of egg trays. For example, select the same mold for both machines before comparing. That should give you a correct idea of the capacities and allow you to compare their prices with the prices of Beston Machinery accordingly.

Buying an egg tray manufacturing machine isn’t difficult, provided you compare their prices according to the factors given above.