Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Main Technological Characteristics of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

This device has rapid, continuous and canned feeding and tapping system and the efficiency is higher than three times comparing with the traditional intermittent operation equipment.

The heating method of the new equipment is indirect heating method, and the advantages of this method are as follows:

Beston Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Pyrolysis Plant

1. When some problems occur in the pyrolysis system, closing the induced draught fan can cut the heating source in sudden to ensure the system’s safety.

2. The heat exchange distance is more than that of the old equipment by 5-7 times, thus having a higher thermal efficiency.

3. Extend greatly the service life of main equipment, and the service life of the new equipment is longer than that of the old one by 2-3 times.

4. Equipment’s shape: beautiful and decent, and economic and practical.

5. Catalyzing heat split technology and chemical extracting technology for product; we can provide special catalyst according to different requirement of customers. The catalyst can decrease the sulfur content and density and solidifying point, improve the smell and color, remove the impurity of the fuel oil. It solve the problem which plagued plastic recycling project with the disadvantages of lots of impurity, bad smell and difficult to store. Take the fuel oil from tires for an example, the color of oil will be changed from black to transparent red, and the oil can keep longer time for store with better oxidation-resistance.

6. The equipped environmental protection fittings are more perfect, such as waste gas burner, and flue dust chamber.

7. The pyrolysis equipment for sale has reasonable design and advanced manufacturing technologies and a high automation degree and complete safety facilities.