Beston Pyrolysis Equipment

Beston Pyrolysis Equipment with Unique Technologies

1. The first in the world to have created the new heating structure that combined the advantages of burning the reactor and heating the main reactor by hot air.

2. The technology of avoiding the reactor of being burnt through by reforming the furnace, which will lengthen the life span of the main pyrolysis reactor for 2 to 3 years, and saves quite amount of money for customers to maintain and update the machine, as well as reduces the rate of depreciation of the machine.

3. The technology of improving the oil output by another 5% with the same machine.

Beston Pyrolysis Equipment
Beston Pyrolysis Equipment

4. The technology of avoiding being burnt. The technology can prevent the phenomena of breaking out a fire during the process of discharging slag, opening the furnace door and taking out steel wires during the production by 100%.

5. The technology of avoiding the outlet being blocked. In the tire pyrolysis process, great dangers may be brought out once the outlet is being blocked. And this technology can totally avoid the happening of such accidents.

6. The technology of saving energy. With special design of heat preservation, it can save the energy by 40%, which can reduce the cost of production a great deal.

7. The technology of discharging slag in the closed environment. We can discharge slag in the high temperature of 350 centigrade, and all is done in a closed environment. Thus, it can protect the environment.

8. The catalyst used for the pyrolysis machine is made from 24 chemicals. And we have overcome the disadvantage of the traditional boiler with low oil output and bad oil quality, and at the same time overcome the weakness of blocking and coking of the equipment when refining waste tires to oil. We can promise that this equipment can work for 3 months continuously without blocking and coking, and fully realize the continuous production. It also fills the blankness of China and abroad in this field.

9. It is the fact that there is a quite a quantity of steel wires in the waste tires ( 12% in waste car tires, 30% in waste OTR). While, we have overcome the disadvantage of separating the rubber of waste tires and steel wires completely, and we can deal with them together with the pieces of 50mm*50mm. This technology can greatly the investment of buying pretreating system. Meanwhile, it can also save a lot of manuals and power, and realize the goal of investing the lease and gaining the most.