waste plastic pyrolysis machine

The Best Environmental Technology: Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis

Processing waste plastic into useful materials has become more and more popular all over the world. Based on the good development trend of waste recycling, Beston Machinery has launched the best pyrolysis plant for sale in the international market, which can perfectly achieve the goal that making fully use of waste plastic to produce fuel oil and carbon black, without generating any pollution. It is the best choice for customers to start waste recycling business to improve the environment and create profits at the same time. Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plants have adopted the advanced technology that can make sure the quality and safety in the production process.

waste plastic pyrolysis plant
Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant in Nigeria

Operational procedure of waste platic pyrolysis equipment.

1. Pretreatment of the plastic pyrolysis machine:

In order to guarantee the raw materials can be fed continuously in a sealed and uniform feeding system, the pyrolysis of waste plastic is equipped with crusher device if the plastic materials are large and adamant. It also needs to be equipped with a dryer to improve the oil yield.

2. Feeding :

The pyrolysis of plastic waste has introduced the sealed screw conveyor to feed, and the machine can set the feeding speed to control the whole process in order. And the plant has equips the airlock which can make sure that there is no air entering the pyrolysis reactor and prevents the hidden danger from happening.

3. Pyrolysis of palstic waste:

Plastic2oil pyrolysis technology adopts the indirect heating system, and the fire will not get in touch with the inline of reactor directly. The heating source connects with the pyrolysis system through the burner and heats in hot air, which can extend the using time of reactor and heat uniformly.

4. Cooling :

Cooling system is also an important part of pyrolysis system for waste plastics, which can fully cool the oil gas and increase the oil yield.

5. Discharge :

The plastic to fuel machine uses the screw conveyor to connect the most terminal of the reactor to flush off. Besides, the outside of the screw conveyor has recycling cooling layer which can prevent the effluent carbon black from overheating to destroy the removal equipment and scalding workers.

waste plastic pyrolysis machine
Waste plastic pyrolysis machine 3D drawing


As a leader in plastic recycling field in China, Beston Group has has senior producing and exporting experiences. Our products have been exported to many foreign countries, such as Nigeria, Jordan, Brazil, Korean, Dominica, Indonesia and so on. Our high-quality products and first-class service have brought us good reputation in the international market. Last but not least, our pyrolysis equipment for sale can not only process waste plastic but also can use various wastes as raw materials such as medical waste, ,waste tires, waste rubber, waste slag and so on. The plant has a wide applications, which has made a great progress in the aspect of environmental protection.