Biomass Charcoal Making Machine

Biomass Charcoal Making Machine Has Enjoyed Popular Support in the International Market

With the worse situation of environment, more and more attention is payed to the environmental protection projects. At present, solving the energy problems have been the most important thing to protect the earth. China Beston Machinery has made a great contribution to environmental protection and energy-saving, and has been specialized in the the research and development of environmental projects for many years. During this period, the invention of Beston biomass charcoal making machine, also called biomass carbonization machine, is a representative in the whole industry.

Beston biomass carbonization plant has enjoyed a great reputation in the international market based on its advanced technology, unique design, outstanding product quality, compact structure, etc. In recent years, Beston charcoal making equipment has been exported to many foreign countries and has been installed and run to production, which has largely confirmed our strength in international market.

Biomass Charcoal Making Machine
Biomass Charcoal Making Machine

Biomass charcoal manufacturing machine produced by Beston Group adheres to the principle of turning waste into treasure. The suitable raw materials for the machine include MSW (Municipal solid waste), livestock waste, sewage sludge, wood (construction timber, polluted timber, wood chip, sawdust, chipboard), green waste (trees, shrubs, lawn clippings, humus, weeds, algae), crop waste (starch crops, sugar crops, oil-seed crops, nut shells). What’s more, the whole charcoal carbonization process has no pollution generating. The major processing steps include high temperature pyrolysis, smoke discharge, sulphur emission and charcoal enrichment. Through the process, the biomass raw materials will be converted to charcoal, tar and wood vinegar, which has fully realize resource recycling. In addition, the end products of biomass charcoal making machine have been widely applied in our life, especially the artificial charcoal. Because of its high caloric value, artificial charcoal is always used as fuel in industry and living life, such as BBQ or cooking.

In addition to the remarkable production technology and great economic profits, Beston biomass carbonization machines also possess the top rate pre-sale service and after-sale service. We can promise our customers that we will reply you as soon as possible, which include:

1. Technical data and competitive price provided.

2. Factory visit and trial for you.

3. Free plan for your site and project.

4. Reasonable suggestion with shipping freight.

As for the after-sale service, we also have comprehensive arrangements:

Beston Carbonization Machine
Beston Carbonization Machine

1. Supervise manufacturing to guarantee high quality.

2. Fast delivery, and close track on goods till you receive the good.

3. Engineers will be sent to your site for the installation, testing and training the workers.

4. Periodical call visit to make sure there is no problem of the equipment or find the problem timely and solve it immediately.

Beston charcoal production machine always aims to achieve the one package service, which can not only reduce the time and cost for clients, but also can make our products enjoy popular support.

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