pyrolysis equipment

How to Deal with the Problems Occurred in the Pyrolysis Process?

Nowadays, with the increasing of people’s awareness in the environmental protection, pyrolysis plants are becoming more and more popular among the industries. As for pyrolysis equipment, it mainly uses some living waste and industrial rubbish as the raw materials, such as waste tire, waste plastic, medical waste, oil sludge and so on. The waste pyrolysis machine can turn these waste into treasure through the high temperature heating, distilling the oil gas, condenser system, and dedusting system. These wastes can be converted into high-value new resources such as fuel oil, carbon black, and steel wires. In short, the pyrolysis equipment manufactured by Beston Group can make a great contribution to environmental production and saving energy.

pyrolysis equipment
Pyrolysis equipment

In the process of pyrolysis, due to the long-term operation or the other conditions, for example, the excessive fouling and the aggravated erosion possibly cause the machine breaking down. So what should we do to deal with these problems?

Firstly, we need to find out the source of the problem, and ask the professional technical personnel to modify the machine. In the pyrolysis production process, the waste rubber in the reactor with catalytic decomposition will contain a little harmful gas, which can not be liquefied. So we advise that we have a safe process before burning. In this way, we can reduce the chance of occurrence of the hidden dagger. Next, through the first hydroseal system, what enters the second safe plant is gas spray. After completing the whole steps, it can be thoroughly processed.

Meanwhile, in the process of producing pyrolysis oil from waste, we should pay more attention to examining the machine’s security and the performance. We should have a regular exam to exclude the hidden danger in time. By this method, we can increase the oil yield and the quality efficiently to greatly satisfy our demand.