Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machines

An Egg Tray manufacturing machine produces quality egg trays from waste paper products for a variety of uses. First and foremost it is an excellent packing material for eggs as it is designed to prevent the risk of eggs breaking by colliding with each other during transport. Growing worldwide demand for fresh eggs has encouraged many business owners to invest in this type of manufacturing machinery. Chicken farm owners, in particular, can benefit by investing in Beston egg tray machine and produce their own paper egg trays, thereby reducing packaging costs. Our egg tray making machines are exported to a number of countries worldwide.

Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

Components in the Manufacturing Process of Egg Tray Making

The paper pulping egg tray process is composed of four main systems:

  • 1. Pulping System
  • 2. Forming System
  • 3. Drying System
  • 4. Packing System

Waste paper is smashed into a pulp by a hydraulic pulping device to a certain concentration and then conveyed to the forming system. After forming all moisture is removed through the drying process. Finally, the fully dried egg trays are packed into piles ready for transport. More: https://www.bestongroup.com/.

Egg Tray

Different Egg Tray Making Models

The type and machine you choose will depend on how many trays you want to produce per hour. Egg tray making machines come in three main types:

1. Manual Egg Tray Making Machines

These machines are capable of producing between 1000 and 1500 egg trays per hour

2. Semi-Automatic Tray Making Machines

Semi-Automatic models can be set to produce 2000 pieces, 2500 pieces, or 3000-4000 pieces per hour.

3. Fully Automatic Egg Tray Making Machines

These machines can produce anything from 4000 to 6000 egg trays per hour.

All the above machines are of superior quality and are offered at highly competitive prices. If you want to run a big operation it is highly recommended to invest in a fully automatic egg tray manufacturing plant with a fully automatic egg tray machine.

Other Uses for End Products of an Egg Tray Making Machine

While egg trays are the most popular end products of an egg tray manufacturing machine, there are many other uses they can be put to. Egg trays are commonly made with 30 indentations to hold eggs, however, there are a number of other tray molds that can be used to produce packaging for other products. For example, apple or other fruit tray molds, cup tray molds, bottle tray molds, or shoe supporting tray molds among others. To produce different trays, all you have to do is replace the mold.

Egg Tray Drying System

You can choose what type of egg tray drying system you require from natural drying to semi-automatic and a fully automatic egg tray drying line. Many factors will influence what type of drying system will be best for your requirements such as factory scale, productivity, and the type of climate at your location.

Benefits and Unique Features of Paper Egg Tray Machine

  1. Making use of waste paper is an excellent way to contribute to efforts of protecting the environment
  2. Egg Tray Making Machines are highly efficiency and very easy to operate
  3. There are different sizes and types of machines to meet different requirements and demands
  4. Automatic drying feature can greatly contribute to saving on production costs

If you would like to know more about how you can manufacture paper egg trays with your own paper egg tray making machine, please contact one of our expert consultants who will be happy to offer you professional solutions for your business venture.