Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Raw Materials Available for Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

By using BL series plastic pyrolysis plant to generate fuel from waste plastics, the whole pyrolysis process is simple and safe. The whole production process is operated under normal pressure. The raw materials available for the plant don’t need to be cleaned, and can be directly fed into pyrolysis reactor along with raw materials for heating, catalysis, pyrolysis, cooling and forms finished fuel oil.

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

The plastic pyrolysis plants can be used for processing a wide range of raw materials:

1. Industrial and domestic waste – plastic waste: waste plastic source varieties have: plastic film (including plastic bags and plastic sheeting), plastic wire and woven goods, plastic foam products, plastic crates and containers, cable coating materials and various daily sundries, sports entertainment, health care and other daily plastic products, in which plastic film, foam, crates and containers, weaving, sheet and other plastic products are mainly used for plastic packaging. In addition, there are some other plastic packaging products (such as plastic tray), agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), decorative plastic products with higher scrap rates.

Plastic packaging, television sets, washing machines, refrigerators, electronic communication equipment such as computers, mobile phones, VCD, DVD, CD and other plastic products accelerate their replacement speed, and the number of scraps each year are sharply increasing, which has brought serious environmental problems. Plastic is an important part of household electrical appliances. Plastic products have a quite range applications in industrial support, information, transportation, aerospace and other fields. As these products gradually enter a large number of scrap period, it has become an important source of waste plastics.

2. Waste rubber tires, waste cable skin.

3. Medical waste.

4. Oil sludge, such as crude oil sludge, petroleum sludge, fuel/engine oil sludge, drilling waste mud, etc.