Extract Oil From Waste Plastics Plant

Extract Oil From Waste Plastics

Extracting oil from waste plastics is a new method to dispose and recycle waste plastics. Our waste plastic oil extraction machine has drawn more and more people’s attention because it has been proved to be an ideal machine to solve the plastic pollution issue.

Extract Oil From Waste Plastics Plant
Extract Oil From Waste Plastics Plant

This is the working explanation of extracting oil from waste plastics:

1. Feed the waste plastics into the reactor by manual or auto feeder, then fire the fuel to heat the reactor.

2. When the temperature increases to relevant degree (about 250℃), the oil gas will be generated and enter the gas separator. Here, the heavy components will be liquefied and drop into the heavy oil tank. And light oil gas will rise into the oil condenser being liquefied and get into the oil tank.

3. The unliquefied combustible gas enters the hydroseal. After desulfuration and purification, one part of the gas will be recycled to heat the reactor, and another part will be burnt out to reduce the pressure while the pressure is too high.

4. After finishing oil production, the temperature of the reactor will be cooled down. When the temperature falls down to 40℃, we can discharge the carbon black.

After the whole plastic to oil extraction process finishes, we can get plastic oil and carbon black from plastic waste. Both of them are useful resources and can be widely used in many fields.

Fuel oil: the oil from waste plastics can be widely used as industrial fuel materials for burning. If further refined to diesel or gasoline, the oil can be used in low speed engines such as digging machine, road roller or loading machine, etc. It can help in relieving energy crisis.

Carbon black: can be used for construction bricks with clay or used as fuel. If further processed, the carbon black has higher value and wider applications.

oil from waste plastics
Oil from waste plastics

Besides producing products with high economic values, our machine also has the features of safe, energy-saving and environmental protection. If you want to know more information about the machine, just consult us online or send email to us.

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