Waste Sorting Plant

Waste Sorting Plant

Beston waste sorting plant for sale has possessed advanced technology and mature structure design, which can respectively divide the waste mixtures into several common materials. The sorted waste materials can be further recovered and processed to produce useful resources with high values. Generally, our waste sorting machine can separate municipal solid waste or household garbage including waste paper, waste glass, plastic waste, e-waste, and so on out from the mixed waste materials. The introduction of advanced waste sorting technology has largely increased the waste recycling rate and also can guarantee the superior quality of the sorted materials. In addition, we also have used automatic smooth belt conveyor that can control the feeding speed to reduce manual power. Beston waste sorting plants can realize the highest waste recycling rate, which has greatly improved the environmental efficiency and economic interests.

Waste Sorting Plant
Waste Sorting Plant

Waste treatment has become a hot topic in our surrounding environment, but how to utilize waste to create profits is a great business opportunity. Beston Group has come up with economic and reliable solutions to recycle various types of valuable materials from the waste stream and sort them efficiently out according to the customers’ specific needs.

Operation of waste sorting equipment for sale invented by Beston Machinery

Our waste sorting facility firstly uses forklift to send the rubbish into feeding throat, and the raw materials will be conveyed by the plate conveyor; then, the raw materials will be simply sorted out by the manual sorting platform; at the same time, the melt will be sorted out by the strong magnetic separation; after this step, we can use our unique roller screen separation system to divide the mixed waste materials into two parts; the size of one part is smaller than 90 mm, while that of other part is larger than 90 mm; during this process, the smaller size of organic materials will be collected to be used as fertilizes; the bigger size of materials will be further processed through other plants, such as packaging or storage.

waste sorting system
Waste sorting system

Main devices of Beston waste sorting plant

Smooth feeding machine

This device can fully scatter the mixed waste materials, which is beneficial for the next steps to thoroughly sort out different materials and increase the working efficiency.

Manual sorting platform

During this step, we can get many large materials, such as the household appliances, furniture, etc.

Bag crusher

With the perfect crusher and cracking function, the waste bag crusher can make the waste bags cracked automatically, so do the organic materials with big sizes. When the machine has some troubles, three-section hammering cutter could be bent to reduce the inorganic objects broken rate to the lowest.

Manual sorting platform
Manual sorting platform
Bag crusher
Bag crusher

Comprehensive separation machine

The comprehensive recycling sorting equipment has introduced comprehensive sorting system. According to the overall proportion, volume, cyclone separation, rebound separation, magnetic separation method, this kind of machine has solved many problems of simple classifications, such as lower purity, and release of odor, which the other MSW sorting machines could not deal with.

In addition to these segregation devices, our waste recycling sorting machine also includes the magnetic separation and roller screen machine, which also pay an importation role in the separation of plastic, metal and organic materials, etc.

Final products of automatic waste sorter equipment

1. Plastic materials can be packaged for sale directly, or it also can be converted into plastic granules through waste plastic recycling equipment; in addition, this kind of materials also have a primary function that can be used as the raw materials to produce the fuel oil and carbon black by pyrolysis plant for sale.

2. The metal material can be sold directly, or it also can be further processed into related steel products through the steel smelting plants.

3. In general, the organic material will be collected, which can be used as natural fertilizer to improve the quality of agricultural products.

4. The solid material also has wide applications: for example, it can be mixed with clay to make bricks, which can be widely applied in constructional industry.





Advantages of Beston Waste Sorting Machines for Sale

1. Reasonable structure and configuration: our waste sorting plant has a high level automatic operation, which can reduce the labor intensity.

2. Smooth conveyor system: can make sure the smooth feeding without blocking.

3. Each belt conveyor has a high requirement on wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Besides, each part of the garbage separation machine has long service time.

4. In order to make sure the personal safety of workers, we have installed the emergency button located in a reasonable position to avoid the accidents and electric shock.

waste sorting equipment for sale
Waste sorting equipment for sale

In the mechanical design and manufacturing process, Beston has paid more attention to the quality of the products. If you have any questions or advise about our machines, please leave your message or directly send email to us.

Beston waste sorting plant running park:

running plant park
running plant park2
running plant park
running plant park4
running plant park5

Basic Parameter:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

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